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PmWiki treats lines beginning with || as being table markup. A table row containing data to be displayed always has more than one || on a line; other lines consisting of only one || (at the beginning) specify the table attributes to be used for any tables that follow. If no ||-attribute line is specified, PmWiki defaults to using an attribute of width='100%'.

An administrator can choose a different default for tables by changing the value of $BlockMarkups['table'][0] as described above. For example, to have tables default to 50% width with a 1-pixel border, an administrator would add the following to local/config.php:

    $BlockMarkups['table'][0] =
      "<table width='50%' border='1'>";

Note that this does not prevent an author from overriding the defaults by using the ||-attribute markup as described above. To disable authors' ability to change the table attributes, add the following to the customization:

    Markup('^||', '>^||||');

Talk page for the DefaultTableAttributes recipe (users?).