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  • Great work, except this doesn't seem to import UseMod pages that have spaces (underscores) in the title. Anybody interested in trying that?
  • I think I get it... the script imports the pages faithfully, but for some reason my PMWiki install refuses to "see" pages that have underscores. If I go to the shell and rename the files to something without underscores, I can see the content under the new title. Wonder how I can configure PM to "see" imported pages containing underscores?
  • OK, I'm an idiot. I found AlternateNamingScheme and used the spacewikiwords.php. Now I see everything I imported.
  • I got an error message saying that UseModStore's read method (args $pagename) is not compatible with PageStore's read method (args $pagename, $since). -- Branko Collin, 6 Nov 2020

Talk page for the ConvertUseMod recipe (users?).