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Alternative for users of the Firefox browser: Consider installing the Lazarus add-on that remembers content from every form field ever filled in. Frank December 04, 2009, at 04:58 AM

There's one Missing Feature in this wonderful cookbook: After Klicking on "Preview" I am able to leave the Page without Confirmation.

I'm trying to add a $_GET-Variable to the URL, if the preview button was pressed and there would have been a confirmation if I left the page. Robert -> mailto:robert [period] jaeckelatitz [period] uni-halle [period] de April, 04 2013 at 01:00 PM

Just for info, I have this disaster preventing recipe installed, and cannot reproduce the symptom described, and get the warning message whether or not I Preview before trying to go to another page without saving.

Not saying you are wrong, but perhaps there is some other problem with your install? Des April 05, 2013, at 05:37 PM

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