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Issue: I'm having a bit of trouble with this recipe and I don't understand why. I've installed it and it worked fine, then re-installed on a new server and it does not work correctly. wikistyles works just fine, no problem. When i use a callout i get the image in a medium gray background with my text appearing on top of the image. The wikistyles callouts work as expected, but none of the callout boxes in this recipe work for me. i am thoroughly confused why these images and boxes behave incorrectly!

Response: There are three components that have to find each other for this recipe to work: the css file, the php script, and the images. If one of those is not found, the result might appear odd. Make sure you haven't changed any references or the directory structure. If everything seems installed correctly, perhaps an outside recipe or configuration option is overriding the path sequence. You might also check your definitions, if you are overriding the built-in names. - RandyB

One way text can appear on top of an image is if you override the callout's style. For example, a callout may be defined in the css file with padding ("padding-left: 80px;") such that the text will start to the right of the image. If in using the callout you set the padding to 10px, the result may be that the text appears on top of the image. - RandyB

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