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PHP5.5 Compatibility Issue

M. Denning, 20170729: Ruleset is throwing the following compatibility error. Please, can this be addressed ASAP? Base site is battzion.org and WebMaster contact is at the bottom. Thanks!

attachcsv   >if    B>=>   ! file: /homedir/pmwiki/cookbook/CSVInclude.php, line: 52, pat: /\[:(attachcsv\s+.+?):\]/e
Update: I have updated line 52
FROM052: Markup('attachcsv','>if',"/\\[:(attachcsv\\s+.+?):\\]/e", "PRR().AttachCSV(\$pagename,'$1')");
TO052: Markup_e('attachcsv','>if',"/\\[:(attachcsv\\s+.+?):\\]/", "PRR().AttachCSV(\$pagename,\$m[1])");
TakeAway:This seems to have taken away the error generated in Rule Table.
AfterThought:However, I would still be more comfortable if I obtained positive word from the other developers that this was the only updated necessary.

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