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Request for site search function to locate web links that need approval.

I have not found a way to search the site for unapproved URLs so that multi-user maintenance is not as tedious and time-consuming. The Search Box will not even list pages with the blue verbiage "approve links" in it.

-- Marcus, 20180416

Currently, I have a situation where the blog owner is the only one who has 'edit' permissions; comments from others are enabled, however. I am not using AuthUser, so getting links to work properly requires a bit more. I found part of the way around the problem was changing the way unapproved links are shown in bloge-urlapprove.php, so that 'edit' permissions were sufficent to approve URLs. I set:

SDV($UnapprovedLinkFmt, !CondAuth($pagename, 'edit')
        ? '$LinkText'
        : "<u>\$LinkText</u>
<a class='apprlink' rel='nofollow' href='\$LinkUrl' title='$[Unapproved link]'>($[test])</a>
<a class='apprlink' rel='nofollow' href='{\$PageUrl}?action=approvelink&link=\$LinkUrl' title='$[Approve link]'>($[url ok])</a>
<a class='apprlink' rel='nofollow' href='{\$PageUrl}?action=approvelinksite&link=\$LinkUrl' title='$[Approve site]'>($[site ok])</a>");

This is not a perfect solution: the blog owner still must approve each page she makes that has links in it, but it works for now. Just wanted to share that here.

--Peter Kay

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