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This recipe doesn't seem to be working anymore...

One fix

SteP February 8, 2010: if your page markup is:

  (:if condition:)
     bla bla

The feed summary will not include a "Continue..." link. More generally, anything before [[#jump]] and on the same line disappers from the feed item description. Here's two ways to fix it. Either always start [[#jump]] at the beginning or a line, or change the code from:

		"\n\n[[{\$FullName}|$[Continue reading]...]]",


		"\n\\1\n[[{\$FullName}|$[Continue reading]...]]",

2010-06-16 nikos
I tried the recipe and tested it with Chromium Browser (Chrome), which doesn't support web feeds natively.
Using Googles extension...

to see the rss feed, it said that the feed is no good, and didn't show anything.
Using the extension "RSS Subscriptions with FEED: Handler Support"

still for rss, I got this message

  error on line 8 at column 20: Namespace prefix atom on link is not defined
Then I went to "bloge-feeds.php" and completly deleted the following line. 'atom:link' => "<atom:link rel=\"self\" href=\"{\$PageUrl}?action=rss\" />\n",

Now the rss feed shows up fine, but the same as before (the standard pmwiki way).
Apart from the above bug (or whatever), I think that it should be made more clear, from the start,
that this recipie is ment for atom feeds only.

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