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2023-11-25 Working version of bibtexref

A few days ago I did an update on my web server and the script stop working completely. As this package is not being maintained for a long time, I went into the code and corrected a number of things until it started to work again. As soon as I have a bit more time, I plan to perform a more extensive revision of the code, but for now please feel free to use this fork of pmwiki-bibtexref. Here is my publications page, which uses this version of the script



I´ve followed the instructions for installation of bibtexref3.php but when I access my wiki PMwiki is including the source code of bibtexref3.php in the top of my Wiki. You can see this here

I´ve added the following lines to config.php:

include_once("cookbook/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php"); $BibtexBibDir = 'uploads/BibFiles/';

I´ve also tried "include 'cookbook/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php';" instead of include_once but it didn´t solve the problem.

Please can anyone help me to solve this ?

Best, Marco Simões

2011-04-06 Not happy with the citation format, I propose a nice one, in order to make it integrated in a possible future release ?

#in cookbok/bibtexref/bibtexref2.php
/** this variant gives a nice (author & al., YYYY) scientific citation, instead of simple ref
  function cite()

	$authors = $this->get("AUTHOR"); # get authors
	$year = $this->get("YEAR"); # get year
	$tauthors = split(",",$authors); # split them in an array with "," separator
	if (count($tauthors) <= 1) $tauthors = split(" and ",$authors); # split them in an array with "and" separator if no ","
	$out = "";
	if (count($tauthors) > 2) { # if more than 2 authors
		$out = $tauthors[0]." & al.";
		$out = $authors ;
	$ret = "([[" . $this->getCompleteEntryUrl() . " | " . $out.", ".$year . "]])";
	return $ret;

lokinou, happy to contribute

2011-04-01 here is my page code {[bib.bib,939829]}

this is the citation in the bib.bib file

author={Pfurtscheller, G. and Neuper, C.},
journal={Proceedings of the IEEE}, title={Motor imagery and direct brain-computer communication},

It displays only closed empty parenthesis '()'

what did I do wrong ? (no april's fools) Lokinou

Auto solved : $ScriptUrl in config.php must be absolute url and not "." If you still want to use "." you can trick by using this format : ([[{[bib.bib,939829]}


How to link to pdf file? With Attach:PDF Δ? Or do we add a field that specifies the pdf file to the bibtex entry?

Thx. Oguz.


For people having problems with && for anding conditions in the select rule of bibtexquery, a fix is to add:

  $toeval = str_replace("&amp;", "&", $toeval);

at line 58 in function evalCond.

Frédéric Boulanger <>


For people having problems with the error messages:

Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in somedir/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php on line 841
Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in somedir/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php on line 843

(or slightly different line numbers)

Make sure that the directory in your config.php has a trailing slash. IE

$BibtexBibDir = 'somepath/references/'


$BibtexBibDir = 'somepath/references'

This solved my problems (this problem around bibtexref3.php, line 987 - simple concatenation without checking for trailing slash). To make it not error so badly if the file isn't specified correctly: Around line 837, change

  if ($bibtable == false)
    $bibtable = $BibEntries[$bib];


  if ($bibtable == false)
        return false;
    $bibtable = $BibEntries[$bib];

Hope this helps! ~Ben


How do I make a field silent? ie I don't want to display the pdf references in the complete bibtex reference?


I have the same error message as reported by the previous message (2008-05-03) with problems on lines 843 and 845. Changing $HTTP_GET_VARS to $_GET does not solve the problem. Any idea?


I'm missing something here, I tried setting it up but I keep getting this error message:

Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in XXX/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php on line 843
Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in XXXX/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php on line 845

and also "Invalid BibTex Entry!". First I thought there was something wrong with my references so I went to the example site and grabbed a reference there but I get the same error. I've applied the patch below. Does anyone have a suggestion of what the error could be or how I can get more info from the script about what fails?


$HTTP_GET_VARS appears to be no longer supported in newer versions of PHP. Change these calls to $_GET

9 January 2008

A minor hack is needed for someone whose name includes the characters "and" (e.g., Sandeep becomes S, eep).

line 72 of bibtexref3.php:

 $aut = explode("and", $aut);
 $aut = explode(" and ", $aut);

line 72 of bibtexref3.php:

 $edi = explode("and", $edi);
 $edi = explode(" and ", $edi);

Also, am currently unable to do "&&" query concatenation, though "||" is possible. Anding gives the previously mentioned

 "Parse error: parse error, unexpected ';' in cookbook/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php(57) : eval()'d code on line 1"

Great otherwise, though I do wish the standard jan,feb,mar,apr... months were supported, I can change this in the (other, custom) tool I use to generate my .bib file.

Thanks, Jonathan Sprinkle,

(28/01/2008) I have the same Problem. The error occurs in the function evalCond (line 53). Appending a second condition directly in the evalCond function works without problems. So I think there seems to be something wrong with handing over the &-symbol. (I have not a real idea of php)
A (dirty?) workaround: adding $toeval = str_replace("A_N_D", " && ", $toeval); before the eval() function and using A_N_D instead of &&.

(28-Oct-2007) This is a great tool. Just a question: What should I use if I want to select a specific year and author's name? If I try to mix the two commands each between bracket,

 bibtexquery:[bibfile.bib][$this->get('YEAR') == '2004'][strpos($this->get('AUTHOR'),'John Doe')!==FALSE][!$this->get('PUBDATE')][5]

I get an error message. It is probably trivial, but I am not familiar with PHP.

Thanks in advance. Normand


Normand, you should just concatenate the two queries within the same bracket. Basically the queries are PHP code that is executed (urk, isn't that bad - you should control who can edit your pages then) to allow any possible combination. For instance, the following query

 bibtexquery:[bibfile.bib][$this->get('YEAR') == '2004' && strpos($this->get('AUTHOR'),'John Doe')!==FALSE][!$this->get('PUBDATE')][5]

should work for you.

Thank you for your answer but this solution does not work. I get an error message about the PHP.

"Parse error: parse error, unexpected ';' in cookbook/bibtexref/bibtexref3.php(57) : eval()'d code on line 1"

If I try each condition separately, it works, but not together. I use the latest version of BibtexRef.



(18-Jun-2007) Thank you everyone for the beautiful work. I've had some problems making it work, but thanks to the suggestion by everyone, I've done it. I've only one question: there is a way to include at the end of a page a complete bibliography, able to collect the citations done in the text? (in complete latex style). I knew a wiki, Uniwakka, able to do that, but for work reason now I'm using PmWiki (that I consider better for a lot of reason), but having this kind of feature can be great.



ps: unfortunately I don't know php very well, but if someone can give me direction, I can try to write this feature if it's absent now. Certainly a little bit more of documentation can be useful, and because I'm going to write suggestions for my colleagues, maybe I can assemble them and post them (or there is documentation I didn't find?).

(6-Jun-2007) Thank you to all the contributors who have worked on this recipe. Note to those who would like to use it with Asian language references: neither the file version nor the wiki-page version ( are able to display Japanese titles saved as UTF-8. The titles get truncated in unpredictable places. It could be a problem with my setup (BibDesk on a Mac) but the .bib file looks fine in a UTF-8 text editor.


I had the problem, that when opening a bib-entry, I got a page with " Invalid BibTex Entry: [,]! ". The solution below solved that for me. Matthias

I have a problem with Pierre's version. In HandleBibEntry, but by replacing

  $bibfile = $HTTP_GET_VARS['bibfile'];
  $bibref = $HTTP_GET_VARS['bibref'];


 $bibfile = $_GET["bibfile"];
 $bibref = $_GET["bibref"];

it seems to work for me.

-- F.

I did a lot of changes. The most notable ones are:

  • You can now store your bib entries in a PmWiki page. Just paste your .bib file in a page and reference it instead of a file as in:
bibtexquery:[Group.PageWithBibFile][$this->get('YEAR') == '2004'][!$this->get('PUBDATE')][5]
  • Keys are no more mandatory. The script works even if some keys are missing.
  • I changed the rendering a lot.

See my example at

My version includes Rob's change below.

--Pierre Racine

I had a problem with a couple of escaped characters appearing in the eval statement, so I've added a couple of lines to replace these before they are eval'ed and removed the case sensitivity in the get() and getFormat() functions. Also, the inProceedings class had a bug (it declared getPages *inside* another function). These are all fixed here:

Also added $UploadExts['bib'] = 'text/plain'; to the end of the file to allow bibs to be uploaded without modification of config.php

One final note - on my system it seems that when i refer to the bibtex file i have to add a forward slash, so [sample.bib] becomes [/sample.bib]


The original version uses fgets without an (now optional) second parameter. With older PHP this leads to a flood of error messages --- with a decently big BIB file a deadly flood to the browser. Rob's version fixes this too.


Is there an easy way to present all bib entries in the same page?

If possible i'd like to present then divided by years and sorted by title. Unfortunately $this->get('YEAR') <= '2000' doesn't work. And Integer.parseInt($this->get('YEAR')) < 2000 doesn't seem to work either.--Bernd

You have to add $toeval = str_replace("<", "<", $toeval); to the function evalCond (line 41) to be able to use the '<' symbol. Once you do that, '< 2000' works. I've done so in my version of the script: bibtexref2c.phpΔ --Anthony.


Great Program, thank you. Is there a way to display german charactes as ß äöü correct?

One way is to make sure that those characters are encoded as HTML symbols in your bib file. So '&uuml;' for ü. The other way is to make sure that both the bibfile and the webpages that are generated use UTF-8 as it's character set.
You'll need to add
$HTTPHeaders[] = 'Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8;';
to the config.php to get complete utf-8 support. --Anthony.


I met a problem with bibtexref2. If i use {[bilblio.bib,ref]} i have a message that uploads/Groupbiblio.bib is not found. To solve it, i changed the source with:

 Markup("bibtexcite","inline","/\\{\\[(.*?),(.*?)\\]\\}/e","BibCite('$1', '$2')")


 Markup("bibtexcite","inline","/\\{\\[(.*?),(.*?)\\]\\}/e","BibCite('/$1', '$2')")

my configuration is pmwiki-2.1.5, wikipublisher-2.0.5, netstream


I also encountered the same problem of François and Rob, that you need an extra '/' in front of the bibfile. That also seems to be the case when specifying the PDF file. The latter, I couldn't fix the way François did, so I did the following in stead: To solve the PDF linking, I added the "/" to line 192:

 if (!$BibtexPdfUrl) $BibtexPdfUrl = FmtPageName('$UploadUrlFmt$UploadPrefixFmt', $pagename) . "/";

Then it seemed logical to do the same for the bibfile, adding "/" to line 748:

 if (!$BibtexBibDir) $BibtexBibDir = FmtPageName('$UploadDir$UploadPrefixFmt', $pagename) . "/";

That seems to have solved it. Hope it doesn't break anything... (I've included this changes in bibtexref2c.phpΔ )

Now I just wonder how the original Authors did it? If I look at bibtex entries on the example page, then they don't seem to have a problem with the PDF's... So is this a server specific issue? And if so, is there a general solution?

BTW... Great plugin!


question: In the example usage some of the listed authors have a link to their pages. How do you do that?

Answer (by Michaël Hauspie): In the wiki we are using, there are several Markup() call for each author, so the replacement is done by pmwiki example:

 Markup("mickey", "inline", "/Michaël Hauspie/", Keep("<a href=''>Michaël Hauspie</a>"));


12.8.2006: Thanks for this module, I will need it ;) Just to add a small hint: I wanted the bibcite links in the text to have [..] brackets, but obviously this interfers with wiki markup. To get around this one can use &#x05b; and &#x05d; instead of the round brackets in cite(). ThomasP

8-Sept-2006: This module is great and continues the desirable trend to blending LaTeX and the web. However, a few small issues arose:

  • It doesn't handle predefined strings or catenated strings:
@string{me="John Q Public"}
@string{you="Adam Bede"}
author = me # " and " # you, ...

I can make a 1-time edit of my bib file for this.

  • In LaTeX we are encouraged to write URLs in the citations as \url, but this isn't recognized.

This is trickier since two versions of the bib file would be necessary - for LaTeX and for pmwiki.

  • The usual academic citation format is author first, not title first.
    • I just changed the order in line 139, the function getPreString(), such that the authors are first (my first time editing PHP)

I looked at the source, but don't know enough php to do this, tho it sounds easier. Could you give a pointer on how to do this?


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