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I have installed AuthUserFederated v.20100628, and (after fixing a typo on line 94 of authuserfederated.php, to $_REQUEST['openid_identifier']) am able to correctly authenticate against a remote provider. The problem is that I do not actually get logged in to the wiki. Anyone have any ideas? —Sam Wilson, 2010-11-11.

A(maybe): I was able to follow the recipe pretty much as-written and be logged in, but I had to add the Id to the DefaultPasswords map in config.php. First I started with 'id:*' so any idea would work, than I followed one of the sub-recipies in AuthUser to made the default Author: entry the authid, and used that value to narrow down the permissions to the proper ''.

What I wasn't able to do was get the authid to work with any of the @group lists in SiteAdmin.AuthUser. If anyone figures out how to do that, that'd be nice. TDS 2012-07-11

FYI to anybody reading here, I've just uploaded a major update to this recipe. see main page for update and new instructions Guy Moreau 2012-11-03

Intalled the 2012 update today and get a very long list of errors. Does anybody know if this recipe is still alive? Jens Edlund 2015-07-12

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