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I hope you find these instructions beneficial. Please email me if you find anything in error and I will try to figure it out. ~Kory -> mailto:webmaster [snail] snakesofarkansas [period] com February 1, 2008

This has been a great help thanks. I had a problem though with the PasswordHash.php functions which did not work for me. Instead, I found the relevant functions in phpbb3's functions.php file (_hash_encode64, _hash_crypt_private and the $itoa64 value) and I replaced PasswordHash.php with them. There must be a slight difference between them. My server only has php 4 so that might be one reason. I also added an extra condition to the $query - " AND user_type<>1 " so that users who have not been activated cannot logon. -- BarryB June 24, 2008

I think BarryB may have had this problem because the phpass file is set to $P$ hashing and phpbb used $H$ hashing. -- ChrisC 13 July 2008. Am currently atempting to make this work myself so will confirm - but feedback welcome.

Bug check - I belive the line $AUDBaseTable['user_table'] = 'phpbb_users'; should be $AUDBaseTable['user_table'] = 'users'; Based on my 3.0.1 version on phpbb. ChrisC

Hi ChrisC, my 3.0.1 installation of phpbb has table 'phpbb_users' so I don't think this is a bug, maybe just differences in setup. It is all working perfectly for me at the moment. I am thinking about how to get the phpbb groups recognised in pmwiki now... BarryB 26 July 2008.

Hi, all. I can confirm that in phpbb3 $P$ was changed to $H$. Even official site of phpass has some words about this. Also, 'phpbb_users' is true for default forum installation. If you changed table prefix from "phpbb_", you need to do same thing here. -- Killy 10 Aug 2008.

I've made an extension which supports users and groups. See AuthPhpBBUsersAndGroups. Hope it is helpful. -- BarryB 1 Sept 2008.

Hey guys I'm stuck (its not authenticating), could use some expert advice. You can reach me at or the forums at [(approve links) edit diff] I can email a copy of my config.php, Not sure where the disconnect is, I'm getting an error message back "Name/password not recognized "

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