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  • (+) Hi, I've installed this recipe and am wondering if I've done something wrong. Once enabled, nobody can even visit the wiki without being directed to the cas-server for login. I was hoping for standard authuser-like behavior: authentication is only required when attempting an action that has been restricted (edit/read/upload) mts?
  • (+) mts?, I originally designed this recipe to secure even the read option. I would have to visit it again to see how to make it only use it when restricted access is needed. Greg
  • (+) Lisa, 2016/04/04: By default, this module requires CAS Login for everything. As a quick hack to require CAS login for only editing and SiteAdmin pages I did this in my local/config.php:
    if ($action=='edit' || preg_match('/SiteAdmin.*/', $_GET['n']) == 1) include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/CasAuth.php");

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User notes for the AuthCAS recipe (talk).