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  • (+) This is a very very useful recipe, adding very useful reference to the edit action, and even using Ajax to get it while you are doing your editing. While I would never have been able to develop something like this on my own, I have however been able to expand it to add a shortcuts menu, with the shortcuts being defined via markup in the user's profile page, which allows each user to create his own shortcuts to be pasted using the recipe: [(approve links) edit diff]. It also needs an additional icon for the shortcuts: [(approve links) edit diff].
  • Me parece fabuloso
  • (-) doesn't work on 2.2.19 - all actions default to Main.HomePage kodiak? January 12, 2011, at 01:51 PM
I've just tested v2.2.19 and it's working... maybe we could continue in the Talk page. This could be a PHP version issue (something I haven't tested thoroughly), or an interference with another recipe. Esteve
  • (+) I am interested in your receipe but I have just realized than in ie8 it doesn't work as I spected. All text appears in the same line. try yourself in your sample edit page http://www.esteveb.com/Software/EditTest?action=edit. removin inline-css "white-space:nowrap" solve it in ie8 but I haven't fully test it. In firefox it's fine. I am Ricard Nàcher from Barcelona ;D. Doncs això que en ie8 no es mostren els salts de linia. Si comentes l'estil s'arregla....però no sé ben bé perque hi és o cal que hi sigui. Salutacions.
You're more than right Ricard... I didn't test it in IE8, and your proposed solution works... I've tested w/ IE7, 8 and FF3.6. I'll update the recipe with the CSS entry removed.| Certament Ricard tens raó. Vaig trobar el que necessitava per fer que un textarea no fes wrapping, i aquest CSS no era estrictament necessari. Penjaré un update de la recepta amb el canvi. Moltes gràcies, Esteve

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User notes for the AjaxEditSupport recipe (talk).