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Despite being PHP-illiterate, I just found that I could add the HTTP_REFERER to the range of logged data, which makes ActionLog a good statistical tool for my purposes. Thanks for the recipe! :-) --Henning August 30, 2006, at 10:45 AM

Oops - it seems that the run time behaviour of this recipe (or PmWiki itself) is a bit of a problem as soon as extremely large files are generated. When my log file grew to 2.9 MB, all the server wound up doing was trying to update the action log while page requests remained unanswered. Might have been an obvious mistake on my part to try and gather so much data ... Fortunately, simply removing the recipe from the config.php restored server load to normal instantly. --Henning September 04, 2006, at 08
57 AM

Hi Dfaure. Very nice recipe you have made, I like ActionLog very much. (I removed my previous post on this page, which was quite silly, hope that's ok). I added a few lines to make it ignore all my own actions (based on REMOTE_ADDR).

  global $ActionLogIgnoredAddr;
  if(isset($ActionLogIgnoredAddr) &&
     in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $ActionLogIgnoredAddr)) return;

Then one can specify

  $ActionLogIgnoredAddr = array('some', 'ip', 'addresses', 'here'); 

in local config --JeeBee? February 19, 2007, at 9:47 AM.

Would it be possible to have a modified version of the script which provides a log on per-page-basis and can be included on the page? By this a dedicated page author can check his own detailed statistics rather than the whole wiki stats. This can be a motivation for authors to improve their pages or add new ones. Thanks a lot, Martin

Could the additions bij JeeBee also be used to exclude certain authors by there $AuthId?

To exclude certain pages add this to actionlog.php:

  global $ActionLogFilterTarget;
  if(isset($ActionLogFilterTarget) && preg_match($ActionLogFilterTarget, $pagename, $m)) return;

And in config file add this to exclude all SiteAdmin and Site pages.:

  $ActionLogFilterTarget = '/(SiteAdmin.*|Site.*)/';

Woden? May 29, 2010, at 04:12 AM

I get the following PHP error:

  [22-Dec-2022 18:09:14 America/Toronto] PHP Warning:  Use of undefined constant ACTIONLOG_VERSION - assumed 'ACTIONLOG_VERSION' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/ on line 27

Fixed by putting quotes around the constant name on line 27. Neil Herber

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