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I recently started to rebuild my folk song website recently and when I installed ABC Tunebook, I realised it no longer worked for a number of reasons:

  1. PHP had moved on to beyond version 5
  2. The browsers no longer allowed plug-ins

So I had to put in some temporary work arounds. No doubt those more familiar with the software intricacies would say I’m going around this the wrong way, but at least I have it working on a sandbox version [].

If anyone else wants to set up quickly, or has more time to do it neatly, here’s what I did:

  1. This was the ‘simpler’ work around. After following Hans’ instructions to install, I also installed PccfToPcfOverride by Chuc G. This removed the errors but the sound would not play.
  2. As none of the bowsers had plug-ins any more, I installed no-plug-in on my laptop and that took the sound file and allowed me to download / play it normally.

It’s still messy, I only had a couple of hours to spare. I’ve tried to contact Hans and I’m awaiting his reply. In the mean time, I’ll have a more detailed look next week.[July 2017]

Dave Cooke

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