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Note: This recipe seems to have a collision with with markup like {$pagetextvar}. In other words, it seems to currently be broken, and I can't see how to fix it except to disable that markup in asciimath.php. --stvltvs 12 Jan 2012

Is there a way to render mathematical expressions inline? --jody (April 22, 2008)

As far as I can see from the source code, not yet. The result is put into a DIV context, which implies a new paragraph. -- rainglasz (November 15, 2008)

I found another way to display math formula by wiky, which is a Markup Converter. The author is Stefan Goessner, Would someone like to write a recipt for this? Just simply input [$\pi$] to produce the math formula? Thanks! --xhf

Nothing is planned for now. --Dfaure

I am getting the following error:

 Warning: file_put_contents(/.../pub/asciimath/Main. ... .xml)
 failed to open stream: Permiso denegado in
 /opt/lampp/htdocs/envmod/cookbook/asciimath.php on line 91

 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
 by (output started at /opt/lampp/htdocs/envmod/cookbook/asciimath.php:91)
 in /opt/lampp/htdocs/envmod/pmwiki.php on line 885

Any idea about what the problem is? Thanks! Magdiel

The recipe should be able to write its temporary files into the 'pub/asciimath' directory. You should make sure that your php configuration as sufficient rights to do so --Dfaure April 29, 2007, at 04:34 AM

Just set the permissions on the pmwiki/pub/asciimath folder to 777, and Bob's your uncle! =P --Promsan August the 5th, 2010, at 16.06pm

What happens to the xml files created in pub/asciimath when I remove an equation from a page? Is it deleted or not?

The xml will stay there, until you trigger the action ?action=purgeqns which would empty the pub/asciimath directory when required.--Dfaure September 24, 2007, at 09:03 AM

I was using asciimath with no problem. But now I see only Greek letters in equations instead of Latin, in my page and in this page also! This happens when I browse the page with firefox (I have version but not with IE. I have Greek language installed in my system but not as default. Please see:

Talk page for the ASCIIMath recipe (users?).