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Minor alteration to line to add to config.php. I asume was pasted from somewhere else. Tried it, works perfectly!

Dave Cooke 20 April 2008

What about page starting with numbers ? How to make them added to the index list ?

rdursel? 12 October 2009

The hoverindex lists by title. Pages with numeric names or titles will be displayed under the first numeral, which will list before A B C ... HansB

I'm trying to adapt this recipe, as the page titles that I should get listed are in the form

 Name Surname - Code 

and I would like to get rid of the

 - Code

part, thus leaving just

 Name Surname

I tried and change line 79 into

 $matches[$n]['title'] = strtok(FmtPageName('$Title',$matches[$n]['pagename']), '-');

which seems to do the trick, almost. A blank is left at the end of every line, but really it does not hurt.
Would this be a sufficiently sound approach, please? Luigi 4 August 2016

HansB: I guess so. To get rit of the white space at the end you could use rtrim(), i.e.: ...rtrim(strtok(FmtPageName('$Title',....), '-'));

Luigi :-) Thanks!

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