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PHP5.5 Compatibility Issue

M. Denning, 20170731: Ruleset is throwing the following compatibility error. Please, can this be addressed ASAP? Base site is battzion.org and WebMaster contact is at the bottom. Thanks!

emenu  <links  B>>>>><   ! file: /cookbook/emenu.php, line: 56, pat: /^\(:(emenu|emenuend)\s?:\)/e
^*E    >emenu  B>>>>><>  ! file: /cookbook/emenu.php, line: 57, pat: /^(\*+)(.*)/e
Update: I have updated lines 56 and 57
FROM056: Markup('emenu','<links','/^\\(:(emenu|emenuend)\\s?:\\)/e', "BuildEMenu('$1')");
TO056: Markup_e('emenu','<links','/^\\(:(emenu|emenuend)\\s?:\\)/', "BuildEMenu(\$m[1])");
FROM057: Markup('^*E','>emenu','/^(\\*+)(.*)/e', "BuildEItem('$1',PSS('$2'))");
TO057: Markup_e('^*E','>emenu','/^(\\*+)(.*)/', "BuildEItem(\$m[1],PSS(\$m[2]))");
TakeAway:This seems to have taken away the error generated in Rule Table.
AfterThought:However, I would still be more comfortable if I obtained positive word from the other developers that this was the only updated necessary.


  • When using this menu, I have found that if I set the top menu item to have sub menus, some main menu items below the first one don't show up. Specifically, if I have 1 sub menu item under the first main menu, the 2nd main menu item doesn't appear. Everything else works properly, and I do in fact use this menu to this day (8-8-11). I simply use the top position as "Home" with no sub menus.


Is it possible to arrange within one (:if group GroupOne:) a second and maybe even third group? I would like to create a Members-section with a Forum (group Forum) and others but to include all of them within the group Members.

While you can't nest conditional statements, what you want simply requires that you display a second (or third) group within a single condition. That shouldn't be a problem. Using the example at the top of this page, if you wanted GroupOne and GroupTwo to display when on a page in GroupOne, then you would just get rid of the first (:if:) ending (After *[[GroupOne/Page3]]) and the second (:if group GroupTwo:) (after *[[GroupTwo/GroupTwo]]) Pico May 18, 2006, at 07:51 AM
Well, yesterday I've already solved that problem via (:if group GroupA or GroupB:)...(:if:). Maybe I should have checked the ConditionalMarkup earlier... But anyway - thank you.

Expansion Idea

Within the conditional part, use PageLists to automatically list all the pages in the group. Dec 14,2006 Sandy

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