Cookbook /
DisplayWRL  This recipe enables to display WRL files with the flux plugin
FacebookLikeButton  Facebook like-button social plugin recipe (1.0 -> in production)
FoxValidationExamples  examples for using Fox input validation (new)
GetGeocode  Create a small form on a page to enter an address and get a geocode for google maps (Basic, functional )
HandleMSWord  Converts page to MS Word format. (Beta)
Imagemaps  an image based summary of the visitors to your site (alpha)
Jquerychat  Provide a quite simple recipe to add a robust gmail/facebook style chat, with a sql table (alpha)
MergeWikiLibDirs  Move from standard PageStore to another PageStore (theoretical/untested)
MultiColumn  Allow text to flow into multiple columns (alpha)
OpenCalais  Call OpenCalais API with the content of the current page (non-functionnal )
PageHist  View Historical Revisions of Pages (experimental)
PageListPlus  Extend pagelist with various capabilities (HIGHLY experimental)
PmPinboardAPI  Provides an easy-to-use PmWiki-compatible interface to the Pinboard API (Maintained)
PodcastLinks  Enable iTunes podcast itpc: links to work
QuickStartForAuthUser  Just a quick guide for people to set up AuthUser to lock down their site. (beta)
Quiz  quiz implementation(Leitner-system) (Cookbook has to be updated, last tested with PmWiki version: 2.0.beta28 )
Reindex  Force re-creation of entire .pageindex (experimental)
RelativeURLs   Allows you to specify relative URLS inside a wiki link.
RelativeUrls  How to refer to files using relative URLs
SaveThePage  Save an entire web page (the HTML) to a wiki page by using a bookmarklet to send the current page to your wiki for processing and editing. (abandoned)
SocialBookmarking  Adds Badges for Sending a Page to Social Bookmarking Services
ToggleLink  redirect to Cookbook:ShowHide for SiteAnalyzer click through link
TransferringPasswordsSecurely-Draft  Provide basic protection against password sniffing and sessions theft where SSL is an infeasible or inappropriate solution
Wordpress  Allows showing the last 5 posts from a wordpress installation. (Beta)
XHTMLStrict  A collection of XHTML Strict tips, fixes, snippets (awaiting contributions)
Skins /
PreviewSkins  Screenshots that link to (some) skins.
Test /
ModuleGuidelines-Old  Outline of ideas for people who want to create and maintain cookbook recipes.