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notitle vs notitlegroup

AllanGN? 16-02-2011: First, thanks for this Skin! Very nice. Now, I noticed that (:notitle:) doesn't suppress the display of Page Group as per the notes in the CHOICE Change Log (1.0.3). I wouldn't call this behaviour a bug, though! I discovered (:notitlegroup:) and like the flexibility of being able to suppress just the Page Group whenever I want. So, thanks for (:notitlegroup:)! (and maybe just update the change log?)

Open Questions

M. Denning 20170729: - PHP5.5 issues - HELP! We have our site centered around CleanSimple of which Choice is still the base. I cannot seem to get in contact with the final programmer who made adaptations to the skin but he still attributes the core to Choice. RuleSet is throwing several items in the core as being incompatible with PHP5.5 and it is going to create havoc when hosting upgrades ensue as we have heavy customization centered around this skin theme. Is there any way we could get some update assistance with the core from someone who knows it better than we do at present? The base site is if you wish to see, and the WebMaster contact is at the bottom. Thanks!
Specific Issues Addressed:

All errors from:  ! file: /CleanSimple/skin.php, 
notitle       directives    B>>>=      line: 52, pat: /\(:notitle:\)/ei
nosearch      directives    B>>>=      line: 49, pat: /\(:nosearch:\)/ei
notabs        directives    B>>>=      line: 47, pat: /\(:notabs:\)/ei
notitlegroup  directives    B>>>=      line: 51, pat: /\(:notitlegroup:\)/ei
noaction      directives    B>>>=      line: 45, pat: /\(:noaction:\)/ei
noleft        directives    B>>>=      line: 41, pat: /\(:noleft:\)/ei
noright       directives    B>>>=      line: 43, pat: /\(:noright:\)/ei

Closed Questions

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