Hi, I'm Stephan Elsner

I use PmWiki for my (and some of my friends') personal knowledgebase called ElsniWiki.
It's mainly about computers, technics, programming and gentoo linux. But there are a few non computer-related pages about photography, fishing and so on.

The site uses a modified version of the "lean" skin, and these Cookbook extensions:

  • WikiSmiley
  • MailForm
  • SourceBlock
  • PostItNotes

In addition there are some custom additions and markups like a javascript foldable box (look here to see it in action), a non foldable box, country flags und so on. Maybe I release those things as a cookbok receipe sometimes.

The site was first created using PmWiki 1, which needs to be modified to fit my needs. PmWiki 2 doesn't need any core modifications, everything can now be done using the config.php.

You can find the site here (it's in german language):

/Stephan Elsner