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Testing and development of pmwiki-mode

This page is dedicated to development and testing of the PmWiki-mode?. You are welcome to contribute of course.

Check out the new version of PmWiki-mode.

The download-links below point to development-archives, that include some additional files. At the time of writing this, the archive contains the following additional files:

  • testWikiPage - a test-file in wiki-format. It is sometimes useful to open this file in Emacs and do M-x pmwiki-mode.
  • testing-pmwiki.el - small pieces of lisp code for testing.
  • - script for assembling the archive.


  • PmWikiMode - The "main" page for PmWiki-mode.
  • TestColors - a test-page intended to be opened in Emacs to test the color markings.
  • WikiSandbox - a sandbox dedicated to be played with from within Emacs.
  • PmWikiModeChanges - list of changes between release


The releases below are the development versions of the archives, i.e. with some extra files. Also see PmWikiModeChanges.

New features

Christian: Since I primarily designed this mode for working with the Lyx Wiki, I don't really plan to implement more features. However, if I receive nice and concise bug reports, I might try to fix them :-)

See PmWikiModeNewFeatures.

LukStafi: I'm working currently on my "branch" of pmwiki-mode.

Current features:

  • only supports [[ ... ]] links but does it well, including anchors
  • `mmm-mode' multi-mode support
  • using url package on emacs 22 (which supports authentication, https and more), with augmented support for redirections
  • menu with table of contents (and soon table of pages)

Pages about new mode:

Limitations, known problems and bugs

Add bugs below... and send a mail to the maintainer. Also see PmWikiModeChanges.

  • Sometimes follow-link (C-c C-g) "hangs" inside the function thing-at-point-looking-at(). I have no idea why this happens, and after a while the problem might just disappear. ... actually, this seems to happen when there are links that are to compliated, see PmWikiModeBugCompliatedLink
  • There is no mechanism for preventing collisions, i.e. two people may be editing the same page and therefore overwrite the other persons changes when saving.
  • It is not possible to edit password-protected pages

Adding Basic Authentication to pmwiki-mode

Svogel You have to patch http-post.el and pmwiki.el with the patches below (used with pmwiki 1.4 pre). chr: I think I've integrated the patch that could be found below into 1.4-pre1.

One drawback is that pmwiki-reload will not work with passwords.

You can now open pages which are password protected with (M-x pmwiki-open):

Where username is not used in PmWiki.

Bug Reports

Saving pages does not work in 1.4-pre2 (patch included)

Hi Christian!
I was not able to save pages with pmwiki-mode 1.4-pre2. It worked after I changed the parameter list constructed in pmwiki-default-save-function from

                      (list (cons "pagename" pagename)
                            (cons "action" "post")
                            (cons "diffclass" diffclass)
                            (cons "author" pmwiki-author)
                            (cons "text" (buffer-string)))


		      (list (cons "n" pagename)
			    (cons "action" "edit")
			    (cons "diffclass" diffclass)
			    (cons "author" pmwiki-author)
			    (cons "text" (buffer-string))
			    (cons "post" "post"))

I think you have to patch it this way, since the PmWiki.ChangeLog says "Changed ?pagename= to ?n= for urls" for Version 2.0.beta8 (13-Dec-2004). And, according to PmWiki.AvailableActions, there is no action called post.
Regards, Christoph Lange, July 14th 2005