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New features for pmwiki-mode: suggestions and ideas

This page is the right place to write down ideas for new features for PmWiki-mode.

Suggestions for new features

Take advantage of 'help-echo' for syntax illustrations

Links could be made so that when holding the mouse over a link, the destination is shown in the message line.

Make the fill-paragraph command be aware of markup syntax

When pressing Alt-q to invoke fill-paragraph, the result is often poor because the function doesn't understand the wiki syntax. Fix this so that fill-paragraph only acts on normal paragraphs.

Add a function `pmwiki-close-all-buffers'

The function should close all buffer related to pmwiki, i.e. all buffers running in pmwiki-mode or the *HTTP-... output buffers.

Add a function `pmwiki-signature' that inserts a signature.

The keyboard shortcut C-c C-i will insert what's in the variable `pmwiki-signature-fmt' (default value is: "— $ProfileGroup?/{{%s}}" where %s will be replaced with the value of `pmwiki-signature-name')

Fix so that a buffer is not marked as modified when it just has been loaded


Add spell checking functionality

Hmm... I basically need to filter out all the markup and send it to ispell or aspell, that should be it more or less. Actually, a lazy version could just be to export it as plain text and then run spell checker on that.

Automatic reloading in the browser

When a page is saved, it would be nice if the browser would automatically reload that page. If this is possible to implement is probably quite dependent on the browser.

Add a visited pages-buffer

Everytime a page is opened, write the full address to a special buffer. This buffer could simply be in pmwiki-mode, with the URL-variable set. Then add a function pmwiki-visited-pages that opens this buffer. Now the user can go to a link and press C-c C-g to goto the link. Hmm... need to make C-c C-g understand URIs though, or have different sections for different wiki URI's. (That's probably better actually, but some mechanism is needed so that C-c C-g can find what wiki engine this is about. Maybe it's simpler to just use URI.

Add a history-buffer

Basically the same as visited pages-buffer, except that duplicate entries shouldn't be added.

Add check agains overwriting page

Add some saftey against overwriting some elses changes. One way to do this would be as follows:

  1. When opening a page, save a copy to a * original-version-buffer
  2. When saving, first download the page again to * latest-version-buffer
  3. Compare * original-version- and * latest-version-buffer, and if they still are identical go ahead and save the modified buffer.

Not a very nice solution though...

Edit pages that have a PMWiki password

Edit a page or a wiki that is protected by a password; which is set in pmwiki.

Features that have been implemented, but not released