Stefan Vogel

Another happy PmWiki user. Just updated the pages TrapEd and my HomePage based on PmWiki to PmWiki 2

PmWiki 2 has gotten even more cool than version 1 was anyway.

Updated the Emacs.pmwiki-mode to allow basic authentication so that it can be used for password-protected pages as well (see Development).

Just a quick hint how to insert a "Digg it"-Button like this example (, simply add something like this to your config.php:

function insertDigg($url = '') {
    $diggUrl = '';
    if ($url != '') {
        $diggUrl = "<script type='text/javascript'>
digg_url = '".trim($url)."';
    return Keep("$diggUrl
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>");

Markup('digg', 'inline', '/\\(:digg(.*?):\\)/e', "insertDigg('$1')");

For a more detailled description of the possible layouts for digg-buttons have a look at [(approve links) edit diff].

With the above markup, you can simply add (:digg:) to the content of your page (to digg the current page) or (:digg some_url:) to digg another url.

contact: stefan at vogel-nest dot de