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Changes in PmWiki-mode

This page lists changes in different releases of pmwiki-mode.

Changes in version under development

The changes below are in the deveopment version, i.e. the corresponding files have not been released yet. You can however always retrieve the latest development version from CVS.

  • Added the command pmwiki-show-uri which shows the URI to page being edited in the current buffer.
  • Made the mode line show the page URI when holding the mouse over the part of the mode line that displays the site name within brackets.
  • Minor modification to pmwiki-loc() to deal better with wikis that are located at the root of a website (patch from Fruhwirth Clemens)
  • revision 1.6 of pmwiki-mode.el
    • Added display of host name within brackets to the mode line, i.e. when editing a page from e.g., a part of the mode line will show "Group.Page   []".
Hmm.. maybe I should remove a prefix such as 'wiki.' or 'www.'??
  • Modified pmwiki-open to open a page on if called from a buffer that does not have pmwiki-page-uri set. In other words, invoking pmwiki-open from a buffer not containing a wiki page, will let you open a wiki page from by just giving the name of the page.
  • A message indicates the case when is assumed by default, it's shown for one second.
  • Removed the command pmichaud-open, it's obsoleted by pmwiki-open and not useful since the site has been called for quite some time.
  • revision 1.5 of pmwiki-mode.el
    • Improved help text in beginning of pmwiki-mode.el by adding details on how to setup user names and passwords.
    • Added definition of pmwiki-defun-when-void for defining functions that don't exist
    • Changed some definitions to take advantage of pmwiki-defun-when-void.
    • Added requirement of cl (defines caddr)
    • Added requirement of mule when using xemacs (defines encode-coding-string)
  • revision 1.4 of pmwiki-mode.el
  • Changed the use of define-minor-mode to easy-mmode-define-minor-mode so that it works out of the box on windows machines.
  • Modified pattern for page title to allow initial digit instead of only letters. The reason for this was to allow editing of pages such as PITS/100
  • Changed pmwiki-URI-pattern2 to work with both pagename=... and n=.... This means that it now works with pmwiki v2.
  • Changed description of 'pmwiki-save' etc so that save is called upload (to avoid confusion with saving a buffer to a file)
  • Fixed so that pmwiki-mode remembers the fill-column setting when uploading a buffer, i.e. when you do C-c C-c.
  • Changed arguments to http-post when saving a page. It used to be action=post but is now action=edit&post=1. This is compatible with PmWiki 2.
  • Modified automatic handling of password protected pages.
    • Removed old variables and introduced a more generic transformation of the URI. The new variable is called pmwiki-uri-transforms and is a list, where each element represents a transformation. These transformations are applied in sequence.
    • Example of transformations
(set 'pmwiki-uri-transforms

The first transformation allows you to use a site where pages are automatically redirected from to
The second transformation inserts user:password into the URI when the URI starts with This implies that you use the samme username/password for all wikis on that site.

Changes in second pre-release of 1.4

  • Added ability to edit password-protected pages. This requires you do open the page by specifying it's URI like this:
This improvement was done by Stefan Vogel
  • Thanks to Markus Gritsch, this now also uses the user-bit of the URI, so that it works with authentification controlled by e.g. .htaccess.
  • Another fix by Markus Gritsch: A minor patch to http-post.el and http-get.el now allows us to use pmwiki-mode via https.

Changes in 1.4pre1

  • Fixed typo in the documentation at the beginning of pmwiki-mode.el regarding how to set the name of the author.
  • Changed so hardcoded reference with "chr" as author into pmwiki-author as it should be.

Changes in the pre-release of 1.4

  • Added a pmwiki-minor-mode, so that changes that are saved will be marked as minor. The keyboard shortcut is C-c m.
  • Added the variable pmwiki-author for storing the author name which is logged when you save a page.
  • In the lower left corner of the Emacs window, a '**' usually indicates if the buffer is modified. This indication is now cleared when a page is opened or after it has been saved. Making any changes to the buffer will set the indicator of course.
  • The script now supports opening pages in an already running version of Emacs using gnuserv. As a consequence, it is possible to map a keyboard shortcut in a browser such as Opera, that calls, in turning having Emacs open the current page in the browser for editing.
  • New command pmwiki-rename that saves the current page with a new name and then deletes the original page.
  • The archive is now called pmwiki-mode, and the directory is also assumed to be called pmwiki-mode.

Release 1.3

  • Page access is now done through URIs in this format:
rather than
  • Modified the additional packages http-post.el and http-get.el, so that the buffers called *HTTP... no longer are placed at the front of the list of previously selected buffers. This was annoying when switching between buffers, since you rarely, or never wanted to select this buffer.
  • Better open-function (`pmwiki-open'):
    • Accepts a URL, a <Group>.<PageName>, a a <Group>/<PageName> or simply <PageName (and the group of the current buffer is assumed).
  • Created a function `pmwiki-browse' that opens a buffer in a browser. This function has been mapped to C-c C-b.
  • New function to reload-page for a buffer, mapped to C-c C-r
  • New derived mode 'pmwiki-search-mode', for the output of a search command. The page links can be followed just as in 'pmwiki-mode'.
  • Reloading in a 'pmwiki-searhc-mode'-buffer, will do the search again.
  • New functionality ('pmwiki-search') for invoking action=search, i.e. it's possible to search a site for pages matching a string. Mapped to C-c C-s.
  • New function 'pmwiki-map-site', that searches for an empty string and thereby shows all pages of the site. Mapped to C-c C-m
  • New function 'lyx-save-as' for saving the current buffer as a page on the LyX wiki [].
  • New function 'pmwiki-delete' for deleting a page

Release 1.2

  • Code has been refactored and "tweaked"
  • Added keyboard short (C-c C-f) for pmwiki-follow, (C-c C-g) still works.
  • Changed how pages are specified. Instead of writing first the group name and then the page name, you write <group>.<page>, or <group>/<page>.* When using for instance 'pmwiki-open'[ ,]] if you do not specify the group, the group of the current buffer is used.
  • Moved functionality of 'pmwiki-open-url' to 'pmwiki-open', i.e. 'pmwiki-open' now accets an URL as argument.
  • Added 'pmwiki-browse' to show current buffer in a browser
  • Added 'pmwiki-revert' to reload current buffer
  • Changed 'pmwiki-edit' so that the cursor goes to the beginning of a buffer instead of the end.
  • Added functionaly so that opening pages with the extension '.pmwiki' automatically changes to pmwiki-mode
  • Added 'pmwiki-save-as', it accepts both <group>.<name> and URIs
  • Used regular expressions from pmwiki.php and used them to define e.g. WikiWiki-words and free links.
  • Renamed 'testWikiPage' to 'TestPage.pmwiki'

Release 1.1

  • Fixed bug in pmwiki-open-url(), the save function was not specified correctly.
  • Modified reg-exp for finding links when 'following' a link (C-c C-g). Added \<
  • Added CVS revision number and release tag to pmwiki.el
  • Rewrote
    • Added release number to the name of the archive.
    • Created separate development-archive
  • Renamed directory where the source is installed in the installation instructions (from http-emacs/ to pmwiki/).

Release 1.0.0

First release of pmwiki-mode.

Alpha version

Primarily a test release. Had a totally different name.