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Installation instructions

  • Installation instructions (refers to or includes Download)
  • Requirements/compatibility


In order to use pmwiki-mode, you need a working copy of:


Extract the archive to where you keep your Emacs lisp-files. This will create a subdirectory, pmwiki/. Then read the file:


for more instructions.

Note for XEmacs users

This mode does not work properly for XEmacs (yet).

  1. You may need to download some additional lisp-files (essentially thingatpt.el), which you can do from, i.e.
  2. A function from the file 'hexl.el' is needed, where a workaround is to supply this file separately (from the sources of Emacs).
  3. There seems to be a weird difference in the workings of the function 'string-match'. So far this has not been solved.