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Things left to do...

  • Check installation on Windows
    • How to easily install Emacs
    • What to put in .emacs
    • Change 'define-minor-mode' to 'easy-mmode-define-minor-mode' so that it works in Windows
    • Test installation instructions

Normal pages that need major work

  • Introduction: Write a page that introduces pmwiki-mode. I guess the contents will be similar to what's on pmwiki-mode, but in a longer version. Or maybe I should really start with a tutorial and skipt introduction. Unless the purpose of introdution? is to motivate why it's useful?
  • Installation: move/copy text from pmwiki-mode.el here
  • Tutorial: Write it...
  • Documentation?: Create a page with a list of the documentation pages, possibly even including them?
  • Tips: I need to make the instructions more detailed for how to configure this

Pages that could (always) use some work

  • ReferenceManual: Add more information about the different functions. Add a section or two about how pmwiki-mode works and is implemented.
  • FAQ: ...
  • Screenshots: Take some more screenshots?

Development related issues

  • Ask someone to "try" the installation instructions

I did just that and one thing bit me (note that i am quite to emacs) : i didn't know how to change mode. I had to scout outside the site to get this info ("M-x pmwiki-mode") Lionel

  • Verify that it works with XEmacs
  • Move source code to savannah
  • ReleaseInstructions: Write it