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Current features (v0.3):

  • only supports [[ ... ]] links but does it well, including anchors
  • `mmm-mode': preview JsMath formulas with `preview-latex', edit your Source Blocks with language modes

Future features:

  • menu, deeply nested speedbar support: groups->pages->table of contents
  • editing password-protected pages
  • resolving update clashes

Bugs and FIXME's:

  • search mode is delayed till version v0.5
  • `preview-latex' works on whole buffer (not narrowed to latex submode) (not working on this)

I've added customizable decoding / encoding functions between the site and the buffer.

Syntax highlighting is VERY unstable in my Emacs (is it because of Emacs 22?), I recommend binding `font-lock-fontify-buffer' to a key.