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It seems this recipe needs to updated for PHP 5.5 (preg_replace...) /Johan Bengtsson, 2018-02-27

PHP5.5 Compatibility Issue

M. Denning, 20170729: Ruleset is throwing the following compatibility error. Please, can this be addressed ASAP? Base site is battzion.org and WebMaster contact is at the bottom. Thanks!

emenu    <links   B>>>>><  ! file: /cookbook/emenu.php, line: 56, pat: /^\(:(emenu|emenuend)\s?:\)/e
^*E      >emenu   B>>>>><> ! file: /cookbook/emenu.php, line: 57, pat: /^(\*+)(.*)/e

Inspired by Cookbook-V1.Trail2Menu and based on TrackingMenu by mikei.

I wish, someone would create a new type of menu, combining the advantages of TrailMenu and ExpandingMenu. As TrailMenu builds its list of menu items from a WikiTrail, no external urls or using headings is allowed. TrailMenu has the disadvantage of relying on building its menu items from WikiGroups - why should one have to create Groups only to be able to use them in a menu. Now a perfect menu would be called with a directive like Expanding Menu and thus still be able to build its item list from a simple unordererd list like TrailMenu, but not relying on the disadvantages of a WikiTrail.

JK 2007-05-25

Hi - Is there a way to get emenu to work with hg subgroups? That is if the menu opens for the group Kingdom,it will also open for the (sub)group Kingdom-Fish and the (sub,sub)group Kingdom-Fish-Tuna? Thanks! LFS 14.June.2007

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