Testing the WYSIWYG editor

Test the Cookbook:Worse editor below: click on the "Edit" label to the right, below this frame. You can use the WikiSandbox to test the addon, or create new random pages for testing: Test2501 or Test5685.

Welcome to the new "Worse (is better)" easy to use text editor for PmWiki. Download it here.


The editor is mostly WYSIWYG, it supports drag-and-drop uploads with picture captions, has dropdowns with list of links and list of attached files, easy to insert in the page.
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The editor has limited functionality compared to even the basic PmWiki editing. This is intentional, the goal is to be simpler to start and use, especially for newcomers.

The HTML5 code produced by the browser is converted to a small subset of PmWiki markup when a page is saved, so the page histories stay mostly clean and simple.

To edit, a user needs to have a recent browser with JavaScript enabled. People with older browsers can still use the regular PmWiki editor. Reading the page does not require a recent browser.

Text formats

You can have
  1. bold,
  2. italic, 
  3. strikethrough text
  4. and any combination of these those. 

  • Ctrl+B to toggle bold.
  • Ctrl+I to toggle italic.
  • Ctrl+K to open the "Link" dialog
  • Tab to indent and Shift+Tab or Backspace to unindent a list item or a quote block

Block elements

Besides the regular text, the following block elements are supported:
  • H2 Heading
  • Code block (pre-formatted text)
  • Quote block (citations, like from e-mail), nesting possible
  • Lists (ordered and bulleted),
Summary: Author:

After the editor: it is possible to have any (other) PmWiki markup in the page.

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