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Hello Hello
  • hello

This is a test./

No funciona
  • Instalé todo
  • No funciona
  • Qué puede ser?

Cool editor !
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Note this picture has a blank area on the left so it does not appear centered, but actually is.
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qwerty   qwertyåäö


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Working on a small local install/journal and was glancing at Ajaxy stuff.  Cool beans.  Good job, Petko.  Yay keyboard shortcuts whooooo!

Testing editor
Do thing!!!!
prueba de codigo


ya se que no se nada

This may be ideal for other team members who are not accustomed to adding to our wiki.
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¡ Hola ! ¿Que tal ?
Awesome feature !

Usability DokuWikiMediaWikiPmWikiTWikiBookStackZim
Section Editing  | Yes | Yes | Plugin | Plugin | No | Yes
Page Templates  | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | No | Yes
Double-Click Edit  | Plugin | Optional | Plugin | Plugin | No | Yes
Toolbar  | Yes | Yes | Optional | Plugin | Yes | Yes
WYSIWYG Editing  | Plugin | Plugin | Plugin | Yes | Yes | Yes
Access Keys  | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | No | Yes
Auto Signature  | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | No

There are a number of places in Adept where you need to select a library. For example, in the Search Card you may want to specify which library you want to search. When you check in a new document, you must pick which library you will check it into. Because you may have a large number of libraries, Adept's user interface allows you to choose your library from a dropdown list of the libraries you have been using most recently.

To select a library click the dropdown control directly to the right of the Library field. This drop down contains the list of your most recently used libraries. When you start up Adept for the first time, your list of most recently used libraries will be empty. Over time this list will automatically be populated by the libraries you access during the course of your work.

Note: When you are using an Active Library Set the left button will only list libraries in the Active Library Set.

If the library you want to select is not in the "Most Recently Used" list, click the second button to the right of the Library Field. This right-most button displays  the Library Browserwhere you can search or browse for libraries.

You can directly adjust the "Most Recently Used" list by navigating to the Library Browser: Library Sets. On this dialog you can maintain the "Most Recently Used" library list by adding or removing libraries from it.

The library list displays either the library name or the folder name. You can set this choice by right-clicking on the Library List in the Select Library tool and selecting the display method you prefer.

Note: The Administrator chooses the default display, Library Name or Folder Name, in the Admin tab of the Option dialog.
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