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Change your password
To change your password, you can do so from the General page of the Options dialog, available on the Tools tab of the ribbon.

Set a Work Area
When you check documents out of Adept, they are copied to your Adept work area. When you initially use Adept, check the default Work Area provided to you on your first login and adjust it to meet your needs.

Selecting Libraries (Recently Used List)
Many dialogues present the opportunity to select a library. Because your installation could have thousands of libraries, the dropdown list in these dialogs contains a list of the most recently used libraries. At first, before you have populated this list of recently used libraries, you will be able to open the interface to the Library Browser. Gradually, the list of your most frequently used libraries will serve many of your purposes.

Personal Groups
To help you collaborate, Adept provides Personal Groups for such actions as sharing Favorites lists. To set up your Personal Groups, read more here.
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