Listings on this page are now disabled. See PITS for the main list.

Welcome to the PmWiki Issue Tracking System (PITS). This set of pages is designed to allow people to keep track of issues surrounding development and maintenance of PmWiki.

  • Scan or search the list below to see if someone has already added it.
  • If you don't see it listed, enter it using the form on the new issue page.
  • If you do see it listed and want to register your "vote", simply edit the corresponding issue page--they're all wiki pages, of course--and append your vote (5=high, 1=low) to the priority field of any issue. (Thus an issue with a priority of "541" has three votes--two high priority and one low.) Please put higher votes to the left of lower votes to make the sorting by priority work.

PITSList contains a combined list of all PITS entries. Items listed as "Awaiting Feedback" are waiting for input from others before any action is taken.

Active issues

(:pitslist status=!closed,!suspended:)

Suspended issues

Suspended issues are items that are open for consideration, but aren't being immediately addressed either for technical reasons or because with PmWikiPhilosophy #3 there's not enough interest/priority to make the issue "ripe". Adding priority votes or details to these items may help to move them back to open status.

(:pitslist status=suspended:)

Closed issues

(:pitslist status=closed order=-name:)