I wonder what I'm supposed to put here...?

I came to PmWiki because I was trying to translate the Debian Women wiki, and encountering UTF-8 display problems. I was delighted to find that this version of PmWiki appears to have full Unicode support as far as page display and links is concerned, although there are system-level problems, since the default encoding is still iso-8859-1, and PHP does not yet support Unicode properly. All in all, it's been interesting, and I've started translating PmWiki into my language (Vietnamese).

As to me, I'm interested in most things, principally ideas, language, pure maths and music (they are strongly interconnected). I'm very ill/disabled, but whatever I can do to be useful means a lot to me. I have a wonderful husband and three great kids, two grown-up, one of them spreading Debian in Adelaide under the guise of a computing degree, one too far away geographically, and the youngest has to be surgically removed from our Mac OSX desktop (Goofy). We have a family network of Macs and Linux boxes who get along very well, and are usually not too patronizing to the PDAs and phones. Two labradors and two snooty cats make up the rest of the family.

We live near the Murray River, a very beautiful place, in a desert climate which has sun all winter.

This took a long time to write: please bear in mind my disability if you want to communicate with me.