Radu Luchian (Canadian, Romanian, Bulgarian - yep, triple nationality :)

on PmWiki since March 1, 2005 and already hooked :)

I'm doing R&D to support language and culture preservation in some Native American bands (http://eastcree.org, http://creeculture.ca, http://www.carleton.ca/innu) - the latter is offline now cos after I placed this interface online, they found tons of inconsistencies in their data :)

I'm using:

  • PmWiki 2.0.beta36 and 2.0.beta54
  • modified sand Gemini2 v6 skin
  • modified guiedit bar
  • pickings from markup extensions
  • modified emoticons (Cookbook.WikiSmileys --thanks Pm; silly me, should have searched for smiley too)

Looking into adding:

  • lean CMS functionality
  • intermap for cree syllabics
  • (very low probability) Flash interface

Personal rambles

Why are wikis great (and PmWiki shines)? Because they support the principle of "Don't ask what others can do for you, ask what you can do for the others." Life would be so nice if more people would get the idea...


The most important for me first, going down from there. All of these have to do with making the wiki more responsive in a project management environment (relatively few users who trust each other, many-many pages, few of them edited often) Bundle coming up :)

  • PITS.00392 increase pmwiki responsiveness by hard-coding some lists
    Mateusz: I've just written Cookbook.FastBacklinks - it might help you at least partially.
  • PITS.00374 import a pagelist except for the links already present on the page
  • PITS.00368 add functionality packs
  • PITS.00358 Track pages of interest