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A gentle introduction to pmwiki-mode


Primarily, to allow the use of Emacs for editing wiki pages in a PmWiki wiki wiki web. Secondarily, to allow browsing of the source code of wiki pages from within Emacs.


The solution is a new mode for Emacs called pmwiki-mode. See EmacsModes.pmwiki-mode for more details.


Editing text using a form inside a browser window is inefficient compared to using e.g. Emacs. Below are some of the things pmwiki-mode for Emacs allows you to do:

For further details and installation instructions, see EmacsModes.pmwiki-mode.

Examples of keyboard shortcuts in pmwiki-mode

C-c C-ppmwiki-prevGo to previous PmWiki/WikiWord
C-c C-npmwiki-nextGo to next PmWiki/WikiWord
C-c C-gpmwiki-followOpen page pointed to by PmWiki/WikiWord
C-c C-opmwiki-openOpen a page
C-c C-cpmwiki-saveSave current page back to PmWiki/WikiEngine
C-c C-bpmwiki-browseOpen page in a browser


  • Opening pages
  • Editing pages
    • Syntax highlighting of PmWiki markup.
    • Search the site from within Emacs.
  • Saving pages
    • Pages are saved (uploaded) directly back to the wiki wiki web.
    • Pages can be saved under a different name, or to a different site.
    • Pages can be renamed
  • Browsing
    • From within Emacs, make a browser (re)load the current page.
    • From within a browser, make Emacs load a page for editing.

Mode description

Mode to edit PmWiki pages. Typically you start by using the function `pmwiki-open' to open a URL, e.g.

Alternatively, the same page can be opened with `pmichaud-open' by giving 'Main.HomePage' or 'Main/HomePage' as argument. Similarly, a page at the LyX wiki can be opened using `lyx-open'.

Once a page has been opened, you can edit it and then save it using `pmwiki-save' or `pmwiki-save-as'. The latter function allows you to save the page with a new name, and even to a different wiki wiki web by giving an URL as argument.

To view the wiki page that you are editing in a browser, first save it and then use the command `pmwiki-browse'.

While editing the page, you can use `pmwiki-next' and `pmwiki-prev' to quickly go to the next and previous links. And when the point is on a link, you can use `pmwiki-follow to goto the page that the link points to, i.e. that page is opened in a new buffer.

Interactive functions:

 `pmwiki-open'    - Open wiki page specified by group/name or URL
 `pmwiki-next'    - Goto the next WikiWord or free link?.
 `pmwiki-prev'    - Goto the previous WikiWord or free link?.
 `pmwiki-follow'  - Open (goto) page pointed to by link at point.
 `pmwiki-save'    - Save current buffer to the wiki engine.
 `pmwiki-save-as' - Save buffer to new page specified by group/name or URL.
 `pmwiki-reload'  - Reload the page.
 `pmwiki-browse'  - Show current buffer in browser.
 `pmwiki-search'  - Search the wiki site for a text.
 `pmwiki-map-site'  - Generate a map of the site (all groups and pages).
 `pmwiki-delete'  - Delete a page

 `pmichaud-open'  - Open page from the Pmichaud wiki.
 `lyx-open'       - Open a page from the LyX wiki.
 `lyx-save-as'    - Save current buffer to page at the LyX wiki.