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Comments on the new wiki.

  • What should be the name of the primary group? Right now it's 'Main'. I think we could stay with that or go with
    • Pmwiki-mode/
    • PmwikiMode/
    • pmwiki-mode/ - (this might require some hacking of pmwiki though)
My favourite is 'pmwiki-mode', as this is the "proper" Emacs name. After that I'd prefer 'Pmwiki-mode'.
  • I'd prefer the home page to be called something else than the 'home page', e.g. the same name as the group. So if the group is 'Main/', I think the home page should be called 'Main' as well. This only makes sense to change once we've decided on a group name.
  • Suggestion regardnig editing and layout desing process regarding the wiki.
    • I think we'll all help with the content of the wiki. I also think we'll all be happy to give opinonins, comments and thoughts but someone needs to be "editor in chief" in case we can't agree. I'd like to suggest that Lukasz K gets this role and authority.
  • Searches should probably exclude results from the PmWiki*/-groups - otherwise you can ge so many hits. Actually, we might consider removing the pmwiki documentation from the installation? I can provide details on how to do this if necessary.
  • We should go over the pages from and see what should be moved. Once that's done, I guess we should retire the old pages.
  • Should the wiki be protected from editing or not?
    • I don't think we need a password for editing. My experience is that it's enough to use UrlBlocking and notification. (We might wish to protect some pages though)