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Simple bug reports for pmwiki-mode.

New bugs

Aknowledged bugs

Opening a page without giving a value does not use the default - 2007-02-11 /C

If I am in a page, e.g. Test.Test, and I do 'C-c C-o', the default for opening a new page is given as 'Main.WikiSandbox'. However, if I just press enter I get a second buffer with the page Test.Test instead.

The default default is for cases when there is no context. When you are on a page, the default is to use context information to fill in lacking information. Here it opens Test.Test as the default page for the Test group.

Fixed bugs

Opening a page called 'Test.Höjdare' fails with a redirection.

Evaluate the following elisp

(pmwiki-open "http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/Höjdare")

and you should get a buffer with the following content:

      <meta http-equiv='Refresh' Content='0; URL=http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/H' />

It seems that the name of the page isn't treated correctly. 2007-02-11 /C

When opening a new page, it is marked as modified

If you open a new page with e.g.

  (pmwiki-open "PmWiki.Sandbox")

it is marked as if it has been modified.

/C 2007-02-03

Saving a page fails. 2007-02-11 /C

Evaluate: (pmwiki-open "http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Main/WikiSandbox"),

edit the page and try to save it using C-c C-c. The result is an error message:

pmwiki-alternative-save-function: `let' bindings can have only one value-form: http-post, (pmwiki-loc (quote base)), (list (cons "n" pagename) (cons "action" "edit") (cons "post" "1") (cons "diffclass" diffclass) (cons "author" pmwiki-author) (cons "text" text)), (quote iso-8859-1), nil, (quote pmwiki-alternative-save-cont)
  • Fixed 2007-02-11.

Evaluating (pmwiki-open "PmWiki.Sandbox") from *scratch* gives an error

From e.g. *scratch*, try to evaluate

  (pmwiki-open "PmWiki.Sandbox")

I get the error:

   Cannot parse URL ?n=PmWiki.Sandbox&action=source


Evaluating (pmwiki-open "http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/EmacsModes/Bugs") from *scratch* gives an error

From e.g. *scratch*, try to evaluate

  (pmwiki-open "http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/EmacsModes/Bugs")

I get the error message

  Symbol's function definition is void: nil