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Summary: RetrieveAuthSection() issue when section is at the beginning of a page
Created: 2007-06-02 14:46
Status: Closed - fixed?
Category: Bug
Priority: 4
Version: 2.2.0 beta

Description: I find that function RetrieveAuthSection() doesn't catch properly the content of a section when the section is at the very beginning of a page : the anchor of the section is also returned.

This doesn't seems to happen if there's some text or blank line before the section.

It appears that with the latest version, anchors are returned with sections both at the beginning, and in the middle of a page. I presume that this is an expected behavior so I am closing this entry. Should there be a need to discuss and change it, we could reopen the entry or probably better, add a new one. --Petko July 09, 2009, at 03:22 PM

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