Cookbook /
DirList  Local/LAN directory listings and downloads. (beta)
Flipbox  Flippable checkboxes and checklists (Beta)
Galleria  Convert lists of images into a panel of clickable thumbnails, or a scrollable carousel of clickable thumbnails, without requiring a page reload.
IncludeUrl  Include html pages into PmWiki 2.x pages (stable)
Mini  Simple, lightweight, un-bloated gallery with thumbnail generator
RecipeCheck  Check for new versions of recipes on (Stable)
RedirectIntermap  Allows redirects to intermap and external locations & implements silent 301 redirects (beta)
Reminder  Birthday, anniversary and other task reminders (Stable)
SkinList  List skins installed on a site (Stable)
SQLite  Store wiki pages in an SQLite database file (Experimental)
ThumbList  A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki
ZipExport  Export the content of PmWiki-formatted page files in a zip archive (Beta)
Skins /
Blix  Blix is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (Active)