Test the description format for pagelist

Testing that the description format for pagelist works.

  • ComplicatedDescription0 - Dous double backslashes work? <br /> No, seems to look weird at the top of the page. <br /> What about triple backslash? <br /><br /> Not so nice either.
  • ComplicatedDescription1 - This is a long description without the line continuation characters; what happens if I don't use them? And how do I find the information about further work on this markup?
  • ComplicatedDescription2 - Doues double backslashes work? <br /> We have name=ComplicatedDescription2,
    Can I use italics ?
    What about monospace?
  • ComplicatedDescription3 - Can we quote something, quoted
  • ComplicatedDescription4 - Can we preformat something? <code class='escaped'>preformatted on one line</code>
  • ComplicatedDescription5 - Can we preformat over several lines? <pre class='escaped'> hmm... and the next line...