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  • — my family's personal website, and
  • — website of the Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council (the Quinnipiacs lived in the area now known as Connecticut when Europeans arrived in the 16th/17th centuries)

Both of these websites have been transitioned to using PmWiki. Our personal website was using TikiWiki, and the ACQTC website was using home-grown PHP.

I am finding PmWiki a lot more full-featured than TikiWiki's wiki — I never used the forums or most of the other TikiWiki "features", and the blogs have been easy, though time-consuming, to convert to wiki pages. It's a lot easier to create a custom skin in PmWiki. Overall, it's a lot easier to do everything I want to do with PmWiki!

July 18, 2006, at 02:32 PM (created)
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Pages on that I've touched (at least, pages that I've admitted on the page itself that I've touched):

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