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How do I enable authorlink in page history? --Filan? April 25, 2020, at 06:38 PM

The following code in config.php should work. --Petko April 25, 2020, at 08:22 PM

function SetDiffAuthor($pagename) {
  global $FmtV, $AuthorGroup;
  $author = $FmtV['$DiffAuthor'];
  $pn = MakePageName("$AuthorGroup.$AuthorGroup", $author);
  if(!$pn) return $author;
  return LinkPage($pagename, null, $pn, null, $author);
$FmtPV['$DiffAuthor'] = 'SetDiffAuthor($pagename)';

Thank you so much, it's working --Filan? April 25, 2020, at 08:57 PM


I am a little bit confused about the handling of the default page variable $LastModified in combination with $LastModifiedBy. I just changed the CDATE from a very old page from 2006 via ?action=attr. After the change the $LastModified date was modified according to the current date/time but the change summary is still ok as well as $LastModifiedBy. The problem is that any pagelist with focus on $LastModified is now wrong in combination with $LastModifiedBy. Hopefully this was understandable independent of my bad english. Holger April 07, 2020, at 06:54 PM

{Page$LastModified} is the date/time of the last modification of the page, formatted according to the $TimeFmt variable. {Page$LastModifiedTime} is the actual timestamp (seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00 GMT) that should be stored as a time= attribute in the page file under wiki.d. $LastModifiedTime was added more recently (2.2.0-beta67, 2008). By default ?action=attr cannot change the ctime= attribute (also a number of seconds, creation time not last modification time), you probably use some addon/recipe. --Petko April 07, 2020, at 07:37 PM

You are right Petko. :-( I made some changes in config.php to be able to set the cauthor and ctime via attribute. This was necessary to modify all pages before 2.2.0-beta67. I started with PmWiki in 2005 and more than 300 pages are now modified (handmade). The only problem is to find out the last modification by author via pagelist. Thx for the hint, it seems to be my fault w/o a quick solution. Holger April 07, 2020, at 08:29 PM

Preventing history

How do I prevent saving history data for a specific page?
I have some "temp", "stuff", ... pages, where I don't need a history.
There is no (:nohistory:) on PageDirectives
bttr January 06, 2018, at 04:06 PM

See Cookbook:ExpireDiff, or you can simply place in local/TempGroup.php or local/Group.TempPage.php the following line:

  $DiffKeepDays = $DiffKeepNum = -1;

See also the documentation for $DiffKeepDays, $DiffKeepNum and GroupCustomizations for the per-page and per-group variables, add-ons and styles. --Petko

I tried the local/Group.TempPage.php variant, i.e., local/Main.HomePage.php in my test environment, and works nicely. Thanks!
bttr January 08, 2018, at 02:13 PM

I noticed, that csum= and AllRecentChanges are still updated. Is that by design or did you miss?
bttr January 08, 2018, at 02:43 PM

Copied from my mailing list reply with additions: To prevent logging to AllRecentChanges from a specific page or group, place in local/Group.php or local/Group.Page.php such a line:


To also prevent logging in the Group.RecentChanges page:


If you use a recipe that modifies or includes other RecentChanges pages ($RecentChangesFmt), e.g., LocalTimes and AuthorContribution, unset the modified or new entries after you have included all these recipes.

To blank the change summary (after any recipe or skin that may change this):

  $_REQUEST['csum'] = $ChangeSummary = '';

See also $EnableDraftAtomicDiff (option for Drafts, to drop intermediate history between published versions of a page).

Both the RecentChanges entries and the last change summary are about the latest edit of the page, not about the previous edits (history), but you are correct that they may be considered parts of the history even if PmWiki handles these separately. --Petko January 09, 2018, at 03:36 PM

Recent Changes

"recent changes special pages" goes to a nonexistent page on installed wikis. Calion? February 16, 2018, at 11:45 AM

Thanks, will be fixed for 2.2.108. --Petko February 16, 2018, at 01:01 PM

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