PmWeekly, July 10, 2017

Update for PmWiki activity July 03 - 10, 2017: responsive skin fix, i18n, discussions on the issue tracker and on the mailing list, cookbook recipe updates.


If you send a message to the mailing list and it doesn't appear to be distributed within 30 minutes, or if the Subversion server is down, please contact me -> mailto:5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr so that I can restart them.

Please add your name to the Cookbook recipe "*-Users" pages where you are a user of a recipe or addon. This helps us prioritize work needed to update/upgrade the recipes.

Subversion changes to the core

Change log. You can get the latest, yet unpublished PmWiki code from Subversion or download as a ZIP archive.

  • Responsive skin: add spacing above the #wikitext block, similar to the default skin.

Documentation, Internationalization

The German documentation was updated. You can download it here.


In the PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System (please comment, vote):

  • 01412 integrated developer platform We want open, unrestricted editing but protected usernames; we could use for the interface Cookbook:HtpasswdForm (Form based management of users and passwords using .htpasswd/.htgroup files)
  • 01416 missing "changes haven't been saved" warning Exists as a module Cookbook:NotSavedWarning (Warn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name)

On the mailing list:

  • This thread features examples of code snippets (core and cookbook) that stream data out to the browser.
  • This thread notes that the special character & (ampersand) is encoded as & when a markup rule processes it, and if the original is needed a replacement should be performed.
  • This thread discusses a bug in the Cookbook:Attachtable recipe, a workaround and a fix.

Cookbook (addons, modules, skins)

Recipes updated:

  • Attachtable (Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references.) by Petko : Fix infinite loop when a page contains the attachtable directive for groups with less than 8 pages.

  • AutoTOC (Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links) by Petko : Remove unneeded debug logs.

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