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Are you using PmWiki? Feel free to add your site to the list below, and to our PmWikiUsers-GMap! If you want to describe even more about how PmWiki is working for you, add it to Success Stories!

ForHire lists some people who design sites, install PmWiki, administer, etc. for a fee.

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Commercial Sites

  • SIC Code Wiki - SIC Code Wiki gives information on UK and International SIC (Industry) Code structures
  • Cool Cleveland - CoolCleveland is a Cleveland based e-journalism company. Grype Solutions has developed an end to end newletter publishing suite for Cool Cleveland, making it the biggest PmWiki site in the world with 30,000+ articles and 70,000+ active subscribers.
  • Crazy Meds - the Good, the Bad, & the Funny of Neuropsychiatric Medications. (30 August, 2011)
  •, podiatrist and chiropodist in North London
  • Building world's largest repository of GIS knowledge. Using Pmwiki engine with Fox forms to allow users to contribute data.
  • 3D Models of Human Anatomy (Dec 11, 2008)
  • GASSI-TV pet web tv
  • GNUZoo Web Services
  • ASC Consultants Wiki Computer Knowledge Base: Using PmWiki as an external knowledge base which allows anyone to add topics related to computer technology . (July 28,2007)
  • adiuvo consulting & project management - a small consultancy in the segment of ICT temp management/bizdev/marketing consulting. Aliases or *.com (January 6, 2007).
  • Fran Stallings, professional storyteller and musician.
  • Quakebake - hand made biscotti and German-style gingerbreads from Napier, New Zealand - PmWiki on the front and osCommerce on the back (December 9 2005)
  • Entirely Sound - sound designer for film, animation and agencies based in Auckland, New Zealand - used custom stdmarkup entries to embed quicktime movies (September 13 2005)
  • material raum form - completely crafted with PmWiki, but with use of div-tags instead of depending on the central playground (September 12 2005)
  • Attitude Foods - handmade foods from Waiheke Island, New Zealand (June 9 2005)
  • Virtual Group - business specialists based in Wellington, New Zealand (Apr 13 2005)
  • - TextMate wiki. (Feb 11 2005)
  • oFolio - AE Data, Inc. Publisher of oFolio (Sep 2 2004)
  • - Affinity Limited, Management Consultants
  • - Thunder Data Systems, Inc.
  • ExploreLuxury - A site for exploring luxury items by visiting designers and manufactures around the world. Enjoy
  • VTwin Directory - Motorcycle Related Directory
  • V Systems Inc - Makers of CHECKPRO, point of sale software for Check Cashing and Payday Loans.
  • Not Just Stamping - The online magazine for all stampers and papercrafters.
  • A technology and design consultancy
  • FlexiDoc Server Doc2Pdf Online converter that combines Apache Web server,, PHP, Java and PmWiki in a single package.
  • Cloud'N' Algorithms-as-a-Service
  • Outlaw Automation Engineering Automation Solutions, uses PmWiki for their main site content as well as user support
  • Online Blumenversand We are using PmWiki mainly to organize all cooperations with our online partners and all data feeds for the price comparison engine. "Thumbs up!!!"
  • is about new programming language Ya. PmWiki had been chosen for the wiki because of Creole !!! heading markup, much better than in MediaWiki. Ya language was slowly designed in 2002-2009. Ya compiler was restarted in 2011 Dec.


  • Canadian Air Force Intranet Sites - PmWiki is used on a variety of intranet sites not accessible from the Internet. The link is to a screen capture of one such site - an online repository for the Communications and Electronics Engineering Air Operations Command, Control and Information Services Course. PmWiki has been styled to conform to the latest version of the Government of Canada Common Look and Feel Guidelines for the Internet.
  • Netherlands Patent Office intranet site - PmWiki is used on the intranet site not accessible from the outside. The site uses single sign-on, an LDAP integrated phone book and several other cookbook recipes.

Medical/Health Care

  • American Physicians, Inc. - We are a hospitalist group based in Arizona. We use pmwiki for our intranet and are very pleased with it. It is intelligently laid out and very extensible.
  • HanditecAm- The french website of HanditecAM, a network providing technical help to disabled people, by the Arts et Métiers engineers
  • - a site for respiratory medicine (pulmonology) doctors in the south west of England.
  • Houston Low Vision Club - Support & Information for persons with low vision. Monthly meetings with guest speakers.

Game Sites

Hobby Sites


  • - A database of science fiction and fantasy stories, stand-alone and series and their authors, editors and compilers.



Non-profit and other groups

Projects/project management

Sourceforge Projects






Dutch (Nederlands)

  • Palimpsest personal weblog/photoblog
  • - Engine behind it entirely pmwiki-based! Site van klein coaching-bedrijf
  • website promotie en daarnaast nog persoonlijke info zoals kaasfondue en onder andere reisverslagen
  • De tuin wiki informatie om in koud en nat nederland tropische planten in leven te houden.
  • - Tripple-o, a Dutch open source consultancy firm
  • Het Nederlandse gitaristen netwerk. PmWiki wordt hier gebruikt voor het opzetten van forum FAQs, gitaarlessen en andere gitaarinformatie.
  • De belevenissen in en rond Huize Koster-Soer (Gerrit, Mirjam en Yari)
  • - Student website for sharing information about courses
  • - Family website dedicated to our hobbies. Currently most contents is about the longtail lizard terrarium and the electronics that control temperature, humidity and light.



voir aussi, en français


Hindi | हिन्दी

Hungarian (Magyar)


  • Rally Reykjavik - The site for the Icelandic International Rally (motorsport)



  • Konkyo - Bilingual (Japanese/English) site. Articles on faith and science translated into Japanese from a variety of sources.





  • AVIKT - Personal wiki for use of PmWiki in education.
  • Vreng - Homepage for the Norwegian Adbusters magazine Vreng.
  • - Homepage for, school teaching Argentine tango in Oslo, Norway.


  • - Wiki-based informative website on events & places in Torun, created, edited and run daily by users directly.
  • - Almost all about art of stenography/shorthand - in Polish language


  • Mundos & Fundos - Personal page of José Geraldo Gouvêa, with his fiction, poetry and miscellaneous writings.


  • REVIDA Nadstavbové aplikácie pre získanie informácií z dát iných aplikácií.
  • ILFIRON IT Consulting company. Broad range of IT experience with commitment to build long lasting client relationships. Company flagship application: Doc2Pdf Online Conversion Tool -


  • The home page of the Mushroom Society of Maribor, Slovenia




  • Blah-blah A Swiss site containing hints about Linux/Gentoo, IT-Projects, arts, general discussions. Experimenting with "A bit modern" skin and "Snap"-previews of external links. English / Italiano.


Personal sites

Linux Sites

DOS Sites

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