Summary: Apostrophe in Author field breaks the link to the profile page
Created: 2009-11-29 07:34
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.2.8
Category: Bug
From: SchreyP
Version: 2.2.7
OS: n.a.

Description: Hi, Using an apostrophe in the Author field for a name like Ryan O'Toole? creates a problem in the generated link to the profile page.

Using Ryan O'Toole will create the link [[~Ryan O'Toole]] or visual Ryan O'Toole? in the different RecentChanges pages. The result gives the impression that the profile page doesn't exist. Hovering over the link generates a link path ending with ...RyanO?action=edit

I think the ampersand (&) is the start of the problem. See also PITS:00995

Changing the link back to [[~Ryan O'Toole]] or visual Ryan O'Toole, solves the problem at first sight. But I guess there is a reason why the apostrophe is translated to '.

The current workaround is not using the apostrophe in the Author field for now. The generated profile page has in both cases the page name RyanOToole. And you can still change the profile page title with adding the page directive (:title Ryan O'Toole:).

-- SchreyP November 29, 2009, at 07:49 AM

Confirmed. Not only in the ~~~~ markup, but also in the RecentChanges pages. Thanks, ToDo. --Petko December 02, 2009, at 03:02 PM

Testing: Petko'Yotov December 02, 2009, at 04:03 PM should work now.