Summary: Posted Multiple Select Options are lost if a password is required
Created: 2009-07-10 05:04
Status: Closed, fixed for 2.2.76
Category: Bug
Priority: 2
Version: 2.2.2

Description: Entry split from 01108, reported by Michael Engelke.

I have problems with (:input select ... multiple:) and password-protected pages. I will send, if not I'm logged in the wiki, via a form with $_POST an array to a password protected page. The request is intercepted by PmWiki, because a password is required.

Unfortunately PmWiki expects only strings in the $_POST-Request and no array (but in a multiple select it is required), and follow error message: Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in pmwiki.php on line 1856

HansB: Handling of arrays as input from a form is questioned in PITS 01032

Earlier entry requesting the same feature: 00835. --Petko February 25, 2010, at 09:32 AM