8:20 am: Day 3 of the course. I'm only going to be here in the morning because my friend Dennis and I are going to do some sightseeing and visiting here in Colorado. Can't come all the way to Colorado without doing some sightseeing! Also the weather is gorgeous today so it looks like we chose a good day to do that.

8:30 am: The guy sitting in front of me is talking with Ralph and apparently has half a terabyte of storage at home, plus a broadband connection and gigabit ethernet. I don't know what I would do with half a terabyte of storage (anything I wanted to, I guess :-).

8:48 am: I finish this morning's pop quiz. Ralph doesn't like calling them quizzes because that word sometimes intimidates people; fair enough--I'm a professor and I know that to be true. He calls them "reviews".

9:50 am: Time for sightseeing! See you all tomorrow!

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