8:30 am: Back again after missing most of yesterday. They covered a lot while I was gone--all the way through the end of Unit 7. I'm going to have some catching up to do, starting with the unit reviews ("quizzes") for units 5 through 7.

9:20 am: I manage to do fairly well on the unit reviews even having missed yesterday's lectures, which is good. I'll need to read up on iptables and a little bit of X configuration stuff but that shouldn't be a big problem.

10:00 am: Finally, PAM (pluggable authentication modules) starts to make a little sense! Just understanding the difference between required/optional/sufficient/requisite and the order of the services auth/account/password/session is a huuuuge help.

10:44 am: Another break before we go into the last section on Troubleshooting.

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