Notes from day 2 of the RH300 Certified Engineer Course.

8:30 am: Arrived back at the training center; lecture starts again at 9:00am. Good chance for me to catch up on my email, wiki sites, etc.

8:50 am: Arrgh! Ralph gave us a pop quiz for review! Actually I did pretty well and it was very helpful in preparing for the Friday exam. But we were supposed to answer the questions w/o computer or notes and some of the questions were a bit detailed ("What's the port number for the web interface for the CUPS printing system?")

9:50 am: We went through and reviewed the pop review results--very helpful.

10:03 am: Ralph just mentioned that it was a sad commentary on mathematics in the world when he noted that it took many of us so long to answer a simple math question (basically what is 100 divided by 2). I didn't answer because I thought the answer was so simple/obvious that he must've been looking for something more. :-)

10:32 am: Eek, I just heard something I think I didn't want to hear. There's a bug in rpm that sometimes causes it to hang sometimes (^C won't abort it). When this happens we apparently have to kill the process, then remove the __db.* files from /var/lib/rpm. Arrrrgh.

12:05 pm: Ah, lunchtime finally, with a reinstall using Kickstart this time. I elect to go ahead and start the kickstart install before heading to lunch, so that the installation will hopefully finish by the time I get back. That's nicer than waiting around for the install to finish.

12:50 pm: I'm back, my installation worked first time! Cool!

2:45 pm: Wow, we zipped through Unit 4 (quotas, kernel services, configuration). The Unit 4 lab is pretty short, too--I finish it in about 15 minutes.

3:30 pm: Here we are in Unit 5, which is network services (apache, squid, sendmail, bind, nfs, ...). Under RedHat 8 the Apache configuration file is actually a configuration directory (/etc/httpd/conf.d) which of course is something I've been looking for. I wonder if that's RH8 or Apache 2.0 specific.

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