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8:45 am: Arrived at the class, found everything okay. I was about the third or fourth person to show up. The room has twelve workstations, fairly typical training room I guess. Fortunately my workstation is connected to the Internet so I can check email (and write logs).

With the course we get lots of toys, including

  • RH300 Course notes
  • RedHat 8 discs and installation guide
  • A RedHat writing tablet
  • A red floppy disc (I don't know if anything is on it yet or what it's for)
  • A RedHat luggage tag
  • A RedHat pen
  • A mouse mat
  • A cute plastic red hat (picture to come soon)

9:10 am: We finally get started, go through lots of intro stuff which seems to take forever. Everyone (twelve of us) gets to do a brief 1-minute introduction of themselves, there's an interesting mix of people here with a variety of backgrounds.

10:20 am: We took a short break after introduction, and start Unit 1 (Hardware and Device Configuration). I know most of this stuff already, but there are a few interesting new commands here and there. The instructor was surprised that I knew the seven different file types in Unix. :-)

Actually, as an overview the material and some of the examples are excellent. Ralph gave one of the best real-world examples of named pipes that I've heard (on-the-fly decompression of files like compressed census data for programs that can't handle reading from pipes).

11:15 am: We're taking another break, then heading on to Disk Partitioning.

11:40 am: Lunchtime.

12:35 pm: Heh. Ralph (our instructor) just warned us all that "users are Evil--they'll use all of the disk space you give them." Of course, this is why I don't allocate all of the disk resources that are available on a system, but allocate them only as are needed.

2:40 pm: Well, we finished Unit 1 at about 1:30pm and did the Lab 1 exercises until 2:25pm. Just simple installs of a RH8 system. Ralph is a really good instructor--he knows what he's talking about and he answers questions well. Now we're into Unit 2, which appears to be the kitchen sink of the units--no real theme behind it.

3:14 pm: Aha! I finally find out how to set disk labels in Linux (e2label). That's useful.

3:25 pm: A break until 3:40pm.

3:50 pm: Ralph just said that printcap is the 3rd ugliest configuration file (the other two being sendmail.cf and sendmail.mc). Wonder where he would place termcap? ;-)

4:48 pm: Ah, end of first day. We just finished Unit 2 except for the lab. Pretty cool day so far.

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